Boat Insurance California

Boat Insurance California

What Is Yacht Insurance, and Some liabilities Boat Dealers Should Know

Yacht insurance California has many services in which boat dealers’ services are one of them. The yacht insurance California supports dealers in the damage or loss and it seems very important for them to have their boats secured. We have some descriptions on what boat dealer services are as the law and which services do not cover by boat insurance California.

Description of Operations:

Boat dealers sell all types and sizes of watercraft, including jet skis, canoes, rowboats, inboard/outboard motorboats, sailboats, houseboats, and yachts. Boat accessories and parts are usually sold, as well as other recreational items such as fishing gear, water skiing gear, and surfing equipment. Boat dealers typically offer maintenance and repair services, either by performing the work themselves or by subcontracting to a specialty shop. Inventory and labor may fluctuate depending on the season. The dealer may sell used watercraft from trade-ins, operate a marina or provide off-season boat storage. While a selection of boats may be displayed in a showroom, many are stored in open lots outside the building.


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